All Natural Pain Relief - WunderClip®
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WunderClip F.A.Q.

Why WunderClip ?
Why not! Here are some advantages of the WunderClip.

  • Awaken your body's natural ability to heal itself
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for over the counter pain medications
  • Fewer chemicals ingested into the body
  • No possible reaction or over medication
  • Reduce the impact on the waste stream for disposal of outdated medications
  • It's environmentally friendly
  • Extremely cost effective, less than the cost of one 30 ct bottle of brand name pain medication
  • Very unobtrusive, can be used anywhere, anytime

Is WunderClip a legitimate form of pain relief?
One of the most portable yet highly-effective methods of complementary healthcare is acupressure. The healing art of acupressure is at least 5,000 years old and remains the third most popular method for pain and illness relief in the world.

Is WunderClip safe?
Foremost among the advantages of acupressures healing touch is that it is safe to do on yourself - even if you've never done it before - so long as you follow the instructions and pay attention to the cautions. There are no side effects from drugs, because there are no drugs. Although acupressure is not a substitute for medical care, it is often an appropriate complementary treatment. Acupressure is safe. Side effects are very rare.

Why WunderClip for relieving headaches?
As acupressure is a very safe technique, you can try it on virtually any type of headache. Note though if you suffer from chronic headaches or particularly severe ones like migraine or cluster headaches check with your doctor or other health professional first. Acupressure with the WunderClip is quick and easy and one of the best natural solutions to headaches. It can be particularly useful for headaches due to the following conditions and complaints:

Why haven't I heard of WunderClip before?
WunderClip is a new product, but acupressure is centuries old. The origins of acupressure are as ancient as the instinctive impulse to hold your forehead or temples when you have a headache. Everyone at one time or another has used his or her hands spontaneously to hold tense or painful places on the body.

There is a large amount of data that demonstrates why and how acupuncture is effective. But acupressure, the older of the two traditions, was neglected after development of more technological methods for stimulating points with needles and electricity. Acupressure, however, continues to be the most effective method for self-treatment of tension-related ailments by using the power and sensitivity of the human hand.

There are also great advantages to using acupressure as a way to balance the body and maintain good health. The healing touch of acupressure reduces tension, increases circulation, and enables the body to relax deeply.

WunderClip can help. It is the perfect blend of new and old.

How often can I use this method for chronic pain relief?
Regular, systematic treatment usually gets the best results because the effects of acupressure can be cumulative. At first, frequent treatment is recommended. Treatment three times daily for five to ten minutes may be necessary. Or treat more frequent, such as every two hours, until you start feeling relief. You cannot overdose. Some report almost immediate results; others may need a few weeks to get lasting results. Acupressure is safe. Side effects are very rare.

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