All Natural Pain Relief - WunderClip®
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How to Use WunderClip
How to use WunderClip

Apply the WunderClip to the LI4 point on the hand. The point is located on both hands, about 3-4cm (1.5 inches) in from the edge of the webbing between your thumbs and index fingers. First simulate a handshake. With the other hand apply the WunderClip by placing the lower end of the WunderClip against the palm. Push and rotate the top end of WunderClip over the webbing and into position squeezing the LI4 point. Adjust to where WunderClip stays in place.

Tips: Once positioned, kneading the round end of the WunderClip with the index finger or the thumb will help it stay in place and actually help the effectiveness. Find that point back near the juncture of the index finger and thumb which gives you a "funny bone" feeling or is sensitive, tender or sore. Yes, it may feel slightly uncomfortable but that is necessary to trigger the healing response.

Time needed: 5-15 minutes, repeat if necessary after 5 min rest.

Caution: Use only as directed. Do not use if pregnant as it may stimulate uterine contractions. Do not use if you have high blood pressure. Should not be used to treat chronic conditions without first consulting qualified medical advice. If you do not know what is causing the pain or symptom, consult a medical doctor before treating yourself. Discontinue use if hand, arm, or fingers becomes numb.

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